Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Lazy Day Tag

Hello everyone, 

I read someone's Lazy Day Tag, and I found it very interesting to read, so I thought why not do it on my blog, too? My last post was a health and fitness post, so now I'm doing the polar opposite and answering the Lazy Day Tag questions. Enjoy!

1. What is your lazy day skincare routine?

Most of my skincare routine stays the same, see it HERE, but when I'm feeling lazy I love using the Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Repairing Lotion. I love this because I am very lazy when i comes to moisturizing my body, and this product keeps your skin feeling soft and hydrated for a whole week! The bottle doesn't lie, guys! 

2. What is your lazy day makeup?

If I'm not leaving the house, I wont wear any makeup, but if I am, I'll just pop a little bit of concealer under my eyes. This helps me to look more awake and alert, but it's not too much makeup. 

3. What is your lazy day hairstyle?

Definitely a high ponytail. I tie ponytails when I can't be bothered doing anything any nicer on my hair. I've tied ponytails a lot, so I've had lot's of practice and can tie them easily and quickly, which is what I need on a lazy day. 

4. What's your lazy day outfit?

Probably leggings and a sweater if I have to look somewhat presentable, or if I can stay home, a t-shirt and track pants. 

5. What's your lazy day scent? 

I wouldn't wear perfume or body spray when I'm having a lazy day, but I do like to light a candle. I generally go for the sweet smelling candles on a lazy day. 

6. What's your lazy day pampering product? 

Definitely a facemask. At the moment I am loving the Formula 10.0.06 facemasks.

7, Your Lazy Day Food/Snack? 

I love having toasted sandwiches. I have no idea why, but I always crave them on lazy days. Ham, cheese and tomato or chicken and avocado! Yum! 

8. Your lazy day drink?

This has to be tea. Whether its a fruity tea, herbal tea or even just regular English Breakfast tea, I'l be drinking it on a lazy day (and most other days, too)!

Some of these answers may change depending on how lazy I really am, but usually these will all be pretty exact. If you do this tag, let me know in the comments below because I'd love to see all you guys's answers. 

Bye for now,

Spring Baby aka Jess