Hello everybody!

I'm Jess, a 14 year old Australian blogger. I like to blog about things beauty-related and things that I enjoy in general :)

I love blogging because it is a great way to connect with people from all around the world who share interests with you. It's also lovely having your own personal space on the internet that you can design, write on and share ideas on. 

"Spring Baby" is the name of my blog because I am born in November, making me a Spring baby (in the Southern Hemisphere). Spring is also my favourite season because even though you can still snuggle up in a fluffy jumper or bed, it is starting to become warm, sunny and it's very pretty. I used the number 06 because that is the day of the month that I am born on :) 06/11

Below are my answers to questions you may have about my blog.

How did you get your header?
I made my header myself, and to see where I made it, click HERE.

What camera do you use?
The camera I use is the Nikon D60. 

How do you edit your photos?
I edit my photos in a free app available on the App Store for computers called Fotor Photo Editor. I normally don't edit my photos, only to adjust the brightness because I use natural lighting and sometimes it's not the best. 

How often do you post?
Every Friday xx (Australian time).