Sunday, 30 August 2015

Holiday Bucket List

Hello everyone,

It's only a few more weeks until the holidays, and I am very ready for them! I really need a break so I am excited for the well-earned holidays that are only 3 (I think?) weeks away. I'm looking forward to them so much, I've already written my "Holiday Bucket List"! I saw that Emily had shared her holiday bucket list so I thought I'd share mine too because I really enjoyed reading what she wanted to do in the holidays. 

I often find that the holidays fly by so fast and I've wasted a lot of it wondering what I should spend my time doing. Thats why I like to make holiday checklists or bucket lists. I like making them cute, colourful and appealing to the eye so that I am more likely to use it as a guide for what I want to do in the holidays. There aren't too many, as it is only a 2 week break and I didn't want to cram too much into that short amount of time. 

Bye for now,

Spring Baby aka Jess

Sunday, 23 August 2015

How To: Handle Being Busy

Hello everyone,
So recently I've been super busy with school, assignments, studying and ballet exams and its been pretty overwhelming. August is a very busy month for me every year. I have developed a few tricks for how to manage with the overload of work and I thought they would be helpful to you guys. 

1. Write Lists
I can't stress this enough! Writing lists help to keep track of everything you need to do and you get the satisfaction of crossing things off. When you write lists, you don't need to waste brain power on remembering what to do and instead you can use your saved brain power to actually do the things you need to do. I recommend whiteboards for lists if you are really busy. 

2. Calendars
Similar to lists, calendars help to remember things, specifically dates. You don't want to be forgetting when things are!

3. Make the Most of Time
Whether its making the most of relaxing time or making the most of working time by being productive, making the most of time is important. Especially if you are very busy at the time. 

4. Stay Calm
It can be stressful, being busy. You need to have things that help you keep a calm mind set. I like to go for walks with my dog, have a relaxing bath, listen to my favourite music (see my current favourite songs HERE), pamper myself somehow or watch a little bit of TV.

Bye for now,

Spring Baby aka Jess

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone,

So today I wanted to do another post on makeup, as you guys seemed to like my last makeup look post as it received some lovely comments and feedback. Here is an everyday makeup tutorial.

**Disclaimer - this isn't my everyday makeup look, as I don't wear a full face of makeup to school everyday, but if I did wear lot's of makeup regularly, this is what I would wear**

To start off I am using a beauty blender to apply my Garnier . I find that applying foundation or BB cream with a sponge gives it a lighter look. Then I am using the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer on my under eye circles. To set, I am using the Maybelline Matte Maker pressed powder.

I am using the Rimmel Soft Colour Blush in 210 Tuscany as a bronzer, as it is a nice shade of bronzer for my skin tone.

I am just filling in my eyebrows with the dark brown matte colour on my Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow in Natural Smokes. On my eyes with the Revlon Colourstay 12 Hour Eye Shadow in Blushed Wines, I am just using the second lightest colour all over my lid and blending the darkest colour into my crease. The mascara I am using is the Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express Mascara.

To finish the look I am using the Maybelline  lipstick in party pink, but instead of applying it directly onto my lips I am using my finger to apply it for a more subtle look.

Left: Applied normally, Right: Applied with finger

Bye for now,

Spring Baby aka Jess

Sunday, 16 August 2015

This Or That Tag

Hello everyone!

I'm really stressed and busy at the moment, so I thought for a blog post I'd just do a simple tag :) I'm doing the This or That tag (I'm only doing some of the questions). 


Blush or bronzer?

Lipgloss or lipstick? 
Lipstick definitely, the colours is more obvious and it isn't sticky like lipgloss. 

Eyeliner or mascara?
Mascara - its easier to apply! Both look nice though. 

Foundation or concealer?
Concealer. It's lighter but has really good coverage. 

Natural or coloured eyeshadow?
Natural, as you can easily adjust it to the occasion and make it look quite bold or barely there. 


Dresses or skirts?
Skirts, I don't wear that many dresses. 

Stripes or plaid?
Stripes all the way! 

Studs or dangly earrings?

Hoodies or jackets?
Hoodies, they are so much more comfortable! But my favourite jumper type clothing is a sweater :)


Curly or straight?
Straight when it comes to my hair, as it doesn't curl very easily. 

Bun or ponytail?

Hairspray or hair gel?
Hairspray - when I try and use hair gel it stays in blob form on my hair! I'm probably doing something wrong haha

Up or down?
My answers sort of cheating but oh well :) Up in summer and down in winter. 


Autumn or spring?
Autumn. I love the leaves and the chilly evenings :)

Chocolate or vanilla?
This is really hard, because I love chocolate food but vanilla scents. I'll have to say chocolate. 

Tea or coffee?
Tea! I'm not really a coffee drinker, but I have a cup of tea basically everyday. 

Bye for now,

Spring Baby aka Jess

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Winter Essentials

Hello everybody,

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, my workload has been building up quite a bit but I'm here now!

Before winter ended (and I know it's not winter everywhere but it's winter here in Australia so if it's not winter where you are just read it in about 5 months time aha) I wanted to do this post. I probably should have written it at the start of winter, but I'm not organised enough.

1. Fluffy socks

Fluffy socks are a must! Cold feet are uncomfortable, so I always wear cute fluffy socks in winter (and summer too!). The fluffy socks in this photo are from Forever 21, just incase you were wondering.

2. A Mug

I don't know if this is too obvious or not, but everyone needs a special mug for winter for drinking tea, hot chocolate or any other winter drink.

3. Candles

Winter is the perfect time to light a few candles around the place, they give a lovely scent and a nice mood to the room. I particularly like fresh-scented or sweet-scented candles.

4. Hoodies

In winter I basically live in hoodies. I sleep in hoodies sometimes, wear them around the house and I wear them outside of the house when I don't need to wear school uniform. They are comfy, easy to quickly throw on and super warm and cosy.

5. Body Butter/Moisturizer

Winter can be harsh on your skin, making it dry and sometimes 'scaly'. *shudder* I always love having a nice scented body butter during winter. This body butter is the Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Intense Moisture Body Butter. This scent is so sweet and delicious, and the perfect winter scent. 

Bye for now,

Spring Baby aka Jess

Saturday, 1 August 2015


Hello everybody!

I am in year nine this year, which means I am able to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh program. For those of you who don't know, Duke of Ed is a school program where you learn a skill, sport and do a service for 3, 6 or 12 months. As I am only 14, I have to do 3 months. For my skill, I chose photography, specifically, nature photography. This ties in conveniently with my blog name, as my photo's of nature will be very similar to everything that comes to mind when you say 'Spring'. 

I thought I should upload some of the photos I take during the 3 months to this post, and then you guys can see them! Enjoy :)

P.S. I am using a Nikon D60 for all these photos. 

Bye for now,

Spring Baby aka Jess