Sunday, 30 August 2015

Holiday Bucket List

Hello everyone,

It's only a few more weeks until the holidays, and I am very ready for them! I really need a break so I am excited for the well-earned holidays that are only 3 (I think?) weeks away. I'm looking forward to them so much, I've already written my "Holiday Bucket List"! I saw that Emily had shared her holiday bucket list so I thought I'd share mine too because I really enjoyed reading what she wanted to do in the holidays. 

I often find that the holidays fly by so fast and I've wasted a lot of it wondering what I should spend my time doing. Thats why I like to make holiday checklists or bucket lists. I like making them cute, colourful and appealing to the eye so that I am more likely to use it as a guide for what I want to do in the holidays. There aren't too many, as it is only a 2 week break and I didn't want to cram too much into that short amount of time. 

Bye for now,

Spring Baby aka Jess