Tuesday, 28 July 2015

How To Be A Morning Person

Hello everyone, 

I am a morning person, with the exception of school mornings of course, because I love relaxing or being productive in the morning. I find I am the most productive in the morning, sitting in my room with the sun pouring in through my windows. Maybe I find it easier to get things done in the morning because there is no time pressure, as I still have my whole day ahead of me. 

Lot's of people, especially at my age, just want to sleep in all day. I definitely have days where I don't want to move from my bed, but if I've had a good night's sleep I'll be up and doing things in the morning. I thought I would share a few of my tips for how to have a good morning and how to be a morning person. 

1. Wake Up To The Sun

It is way easier to wake up if the sun is shining on me. It brightens my mood, which is a little odd because I love the rain, but it does! 

2. Have a Yummy Breakfast

You need something to motivate you to get out of bed, and the best thing for that is a yummy breakfast! A healthy, yummy breakfast is the way to go. If you have an unsubstantial or super unhealthy breakfast, you are more inclined to feel 'bludgey' instead of ready to get things done. I'm not saying you shouldn't ever have an unhealthy breakfast, but if you want to be productive, go for a healthier option. 

3. Make Your Bed

If you make your bed in the morning, it gets you moving and you blood pumping, so it wakes you up faster. I'm not saying making your bed is exercise, but it is a way to start moving like a regular person, rather than a bed-headed zombie!

4. Write a To Do List

I enjoy writing lists, because they help me get things done just so that I can tick them off. They help you to organise your thoughts onto paper, and keep you from getting stressed. There is no need to get stressed because you think you have more than you really need to do.

5. Drink

I love drinking my favourite 'morning drink' in the morning. This could be juice, tea, coffee, smoothie or anything. My personal favourites are smoothies in the Summer, and tea in the Winter. 

I hope these tips help you at least a little bit! 

Bye for now, 

Spring Baby aka Jess

p.s sorry about the darkish photos, I took them at night (that was a mistake!) and editing the brightness made them start to look really filtered and not how I wanted them to look. Sorry! x