Sunday, 14 June 2015

Review : Maybelline Matte Maker

Hello everyone,

On Tuesday, I did a post where I said I might do a review on the Maybelline Matte Maker after I tried it out. Yesterday, I had the perfect opportunity to try it out, as I had a concert and I used it to keep my makeup on for 10 hours. It did a great job, so I thought I would review it.

This powder looks so nice and smooth in its case, because it is so fine. When you apply it over foundation, it doesn't get rid of the fresh, dewy look of the foundation, while still mattifying your T-zone nicely. It doesn't look cakey if you use it correctly (because obviously its going to look cakey if you over do it). This is a very sheer powder, so it doesn't have much coverage. That's fine if you are just using this powder to eliminate shine, but it isn't the best at covering blemishes. This is why I used it along with a foundation underneath.

The powder also sets your makeup really well. I applied my foundation and concealer early in the day, and this pressed powder kept it on my face all day!

I recommend this pressed powder to anyone with oily skin. I don't recommend this powder for dry skin, however. It is great at absorbing oils on your skin, but I have heard that it clings to dry patches on your skin.

Bye for now!
Spring Baby aka Jess