Saturday, 6 June 2015

No Heat Natural Curls

Hello everyone,

I love curly hair; its super pretty and I love how curls bounce. I don't have curly hair, and I try to avoid using heat on my hair. Less heat on your hair keeps it healthy, soft and growing. However, there are other ways to curl your hair (without heat), and I'm going to show you my favourite way. Sleeping in two Dutch braids. For looser curls, sleep in only one Dutch braid (I sleep with two).

How to Tie Two Dutch Braids:

1. Start by parting the hair; you can use a side part or a middle part, it doesn't matter.
2. Now part the hair the hair into two sections by tracing a line down the back of the head.
3. Tie up the right side so it doesn’t tangle with the left.
4. Take a section of hair, on the left side, and divide it into three sections.
5. Cross the side strands under the middle, pulling in hair as you go. (To tie two French braids, cross the strands over the middle.)
6. Tie off the end the braid when you reach the ends of your hair.
7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 with the right side. Remember, it doesn't have to be neat, because you will be sleeping in them, but make sure they are tight.

In the morning, when you wake up, take out the braids. Brush through your hair with your fingers, not a hairbrush because you don't want to make your hair frizzy.

Now that you have natural, messy curls, you can do anything you want with your hair. You could leave it out, have it half up half down or just put it up in a ponytail. Some of my favourite things to do with these curls are:

- Small braid headband

Tie two small braids in your hair from hair behind your ears, wrap them over your head and bobby pin them in place.

- Messy bun

These curls give a messy bun a really nice texture. I, personally have struggles when tying messy buns, because I'm a ballerina so I tie my buns neatly. These curls make my messy buns look messy without looking straggly.

Bye for now,

Spring Baby aka Jess