Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Product Empties

Hello everyone,

I hate the moment of realisation when you discover you have run a product completely dry. There is a sense of satisfaction, because you have used a product without wasting any of it, but in means you no longer have it. 

I do, however, like seeing what other people has used up, because it means they can give you a trustworthy opinion or review on the product. That is why I am going to do an Empties blog post. I have been saving up empty bottles and now I have enough to do a full post! Yay!

Empty Product #1 - Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer 

I love this product! It doesn't clog my pores and doesn't cause pimples due to its oiliness. My skin absorbs it very quickly, so I'm not left with a sticky feeling on my face. It has a pump so it is easy to get out and prevent spilling or getting too much for your face. I use half a pump for my face. 

Empty Product #2 - Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Mascara

This mascara wasn't amazing, nor was it terrible. It did its job, but I don't think i will repurchase it. I also like experimenting with different mascaras. This mascara has dried out, but it lasted a long time. Don't worry, it hadn't gone out of date yet. What mascara is your favourite? Let me know in the comment below and I'll try it out. 

Empty Product #3 - Clearasil Rapid Action Pimple Cream

I purchased this a long time ago, and it has been okay. Sometimes when I put it on a pimple overnight it gets rid of it, but sometimes it over dries my skin around the pimple and the pimple stays. I won't be purchasing this again. It has worked on some people's skin, but not mine. 

Empty Product #4 - Clean and Clear Advantage Pimple Control Cleanser

This product has worked wonders on my skin! It ran out faster than I would have liked but that was because when I first started using it I used WAY to much at a time. You only need a pea sized amount. I have already repurchased this facewash. You can use it twice daily, but I only use it at night. 

Empty Product #5 - Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (shade 20)

This is favourite concealer by far! It blends nicely with or without foundation and one of its shades is perfect for my skin tone. It doesn't look cakey and it brightens up your under eyes really well. I'm repurchasing this ASAP. 

Empty Product #6 - Formula 10.0.6 Keep Your Cool Breakout Calming Mask

This facemask is amazing! It is cooling, reduces redness and is only 5 minutes. It isn't a clay mask so it is invisible on your skin and super easy to wash off. I'm not sure if I am rebutting this because I want to give some other Formula 10.0.6 masks a try. 

Bye for now!

Spring Baby aka Jess