Monday, 11 May 2015

25 Facts About Me

Hello everyone!

I want to post more. I really do. But school is the one thing getting in the way of me posting heaps every week. I want to try and post twice a week, every Sunday and Tuesday. There may not be a Tuesday post every week (especially because exams are coming up) but there will always be a post on Sunday)

For my very first tag, I am going to do the 25 Facts About Me tag. (I didn't want to do 50 facts because I'm really not that interesting haha!)

1. I am the oldest of four. 
2. I am very short for my age.
3. I'm the only person in my family with brown hair.
4. I dance everywhere - with or without music!
5. I am half Malaysian and half Australian.
6. I am in year nine, turning 15 in November.
7. My full name is Jessamine. 
8. My middle name is Nicola. 
9. I have had panic attacks before, but I don't have anxiety.
10. I have a phobia or spiders; one time at school there was a spider on my neck. I screamed, whacked it off and almost started crying! :(
11. I also have an even worse phobia of vomit but I don't really want to go into detail about that. 
12. I have been dancing for 12 years (since I was 3).
13. I mostly do ballet. 
14. I love to sing.
15. I've always wanted an older sibling.
16. My first pets were given to me on my 7th birthday. They were 2 goldfish called Charlie and Lola. 
17. Me and my friends made up the word 'kincumber' meaning 'wannabe'. I dare you to use it! 
18. I love beaches but not waves. I'd much prefer a beach with calm water. 
19. I love planning parties, but on the day of the party I always worry about whether or not people will have fun. 
20. My mind always goes straight to the worst case scenario.
21. My favourite breakfast is plain Greek yoghurt with blueberries. 
22. My favourite multicultural food is Thai. 
23. I love to bake cute cupcakes. 
24. My favourite subjects at school are English and Visual Arts. 
25. I'm interested in Interior Design (designing rooms and furniture). 

Bye for now! 

Spring Baby aka Jess