Saturday, 11 April 2015

GRWM : Roadtrip

Hello everybody,

This holidays I am going on a roadtrip with my family down to my grandparents house near the coast, and it takes roughly 3 hours to get there by car. When we are down there, it will be pretty sunny but windy, as it is by the sea. Personally I love long car rides. They are a chance to relax and take things slow and look out of the window to see the world. 

I am going to be taking you through what I do before and during the roadtrip!

Before you leave, you have to pack (duh haha). We are only going to be down there for 3 days, so I didn't need to pack much. I have packed my things in this blue Typo backpack. I just packed some clothes (prepared for any weather), pajamas, swimmers, a book and toiletries in the main pocket. 

My bathroom things (e.g deodorant, face-wash, moisturizer) are in the pink polka dotted bag, and my hair and makeup (concealer and mascara) is in the black bag. I don't think I need a lot of makeup if I'm going to a farm! 

In the front pocket, I packed things I need in the car, my headphones, phone and fluffy socks. I also like to take my eye mask so that I can sleep because we are driving at night. Unfortunately, I can't read in the car without feeling awful in my stomach :( It sucks because reading seems like a great way to pass the time in a car. 

In the car, I normally listen to music or sleep. I like to have a snack in the car with me incase i feel a bit peckish. I decided to bring some grapes because they aren't too filling, they are sweet and healthy, and they are easy to pack and share around with anyone else who wants. 

I always dress as comfortably as possible before leaving so that it is easier to sleep since we are driving at night. I suggest wearing leggings, fluffy socks and having a jumper with you incase. I normally scrape up all of my hair into a ponytail to get it off of my face and neck. The car journey doesn't need to be a fashion show - comfort over style! 

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite kind of vacation trip is!

Bye for now!

Spring Baby aka Jess xx