Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Mini Autumn Look-book // with FlutteringMad

Hello everybody,

Yes, this is an unscheduled, mid-week blogpost, but it's because I am collaborating with FlutteringMad (Natisha)! We also did a collab on her blog, so you should definitely check it out too! (Both our posts are fashion related.) I hope you enjoy our Mini Autumn Look-book.

I really like Natisha's outfit, she is wearing a grey sweater that says “relax” and some denim blue skinny jeans, rolled up at the bottom. She has paired the outfit with some light grey canvas shoes.

The sweater is from Cotton On, and the jeans are from Factorie. She purchased her shoes from Glassons.

I love how the even though she is wearing a lot of grey, her outfit isn't dull as her very blue jeans and different shades of grey vary the colours.

I am wearing a cropped white and blue striped shirt under some light washed overalls. I am wearing red vans just to give my outfit a little colour.

My light wash overalls are from Just Jeans, my vans are from DFO and my shirt is from H&M.

During Autumn, it is very easy to only ever wear dark colours, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear colour, too. My top and bottom are similar colours, but my red shoes add a pop of colour, and they contrast with my blue outfit.

If you want more collabs, let me know in the comments below! Sometimes, two people contributing to one post can make the content a lot better, as twice as many ideas are used. Natisha and I are thinking of doing a mini look-book and fashion staples post once every season, so you have a Winter Mini Look-book to look forward too!

Don't forget to check out our collab on Natisha's blog!

Bye for now,

Spring Baby aka Jess xx